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Areas of activity!


Specialised in the management of corporations, our professionalism covers a wide range of business entities: partnerships, sole proprietorships, professionals.
We provide companies and entrepreneurs with services tailored to the specific needs of each client.
Being a large company or a small entrepreneur does not matter to us, because we are all subject to the tax shield and we all deserve to receive the assistance we need to efficiently manage our finances and achieve our business goals.

We present our areas of specialisation.

Tax and Fiscal Consulting

  • Personal and corporate tax planning

  • Preparation of pro veritate opinions in tax matters

  • Tax declarations: income (Unico model), Irap, VAT, withholding taxes

  • Declaration of inheritance

  • Defence and representation in tax proceedings

  • Application of instruments for the settlement of disputes: assessment with adhesion, self-assessment, appeals

  • Tax refunds

Accounting and Budgeting

  • Accounting and budget consultancy

  • VAT and general accounting

  • Assistance in the preparation of financial statements

  • Extraordinary financial statements (liquidation, transformation, merger, demerger)

  • Accounting reconstructions

  • Corporate restructuring operations

  • Company disposals, transformations, liquidations, business leases, mergers, spin-offs

  • Valuation of companies

Financial Statement Audit

  • Planning and risk identification

  • Risk assessment and business continuity strategies

  • Carrying out detailed and control tests and on accounting records

  • Issuing the audit report with the review of the documents, a possible letter of suggestions and the archiving of the documentation

Legal and Corporate Consulting

  • Incorporation of companies in Italy and abroad

  • Drafting of company statutes

  • Shareholders’ agreements

  • Corporate crisis management

  • Disposal of company shares

  • Contractual consultancy (real estate sales, leases, contracts)

Labour Consulting

  • Labour law consultancy

  • Payroll and contributions processing

  • Personnel management

Asset Protection and Planning

  • The equity fund

  • Holding companies as a tool for protecting assets

  • The simple society

  • Family foundations

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Via delle Ortensie, 8, Rieti
Via Rovereto, 6, Milano