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C&A and Partners


Aguzzi Company was established in Rieti in the early 1980s. Its founder Giovanni decided, after years in public service, to devote himself entirely to the profession as a tax lawyer. Thirty-five years later, his daughter Carla, having fallen in love with the city of Bologna, opened Studio C.& A. and Partners.

After 10 years of staying and assisting companies in Bologna, we felt the need to export our professionalism and experience to companies in Lombardy, thus opening an office in Milan as well.

Tax and fiscal consulting have always marked the history of the Aguzzi family in both the professional and private spheres.

At first tied to traditional number crunching, we have been able to interpret the signs of modernisation and a changing world marking not only people but, above all, businesses, changing their global economic landscape. The advent of digitisation has enabled companies to operate on a global scale, overcoming geographical barriers and opening up new market opportunities. Moreover, the increasing interconnectedness of economies has led to increased competition and the need for businesses to be increasingly agile and innovative in order to remain competitive. The role of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and the internet has redefined business models and created new industries.

In this context, C.& A. and Partners provide advice on implementing more responsible business practices, identifying areas for improvement in corporate governance. The so-called ‘toolbox’ for managing and leading a company.

We develop customised action plans that include the adoption of policies and procedures to reduce the tax burden.

We provide ongoing support to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of existing companies.

Our slogan is ‘Work with Freedom and Passion‘ because it is the only way to keep our activities alive and produce lifeblood for us, our loved ones, and the environment around us.

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    The Company C.&A. and Partners is a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in their field. Choosing us means translating your visions and that of your company into increasingly tangible projects. We work synergistically with you to carry out each project with precision and innovation. The diversity of skills that each of us provides characterises the passion and excellence of our firm

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